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Take some time to explore some of the outstanding resources brought to you by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The information and materials provided will supplement your training and help you make the Spotlight on Smokeless curriculum effective in your classroom.

Spit It Out

Youth smokeless tobacco prevention campaign for kids 13-17.

Offsite link opens in a new tab to YouTube video "Spit It Out: Black Hairy Tongue"

Offsite link opens in a new tab to YouTube video "Spit It Out: Jackalope"

If you need a different format for the Spit It Out TV spots, then plase e-mail If you need a DVD of either TV spot, then please contact your local Prevention Resource Center.
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Radio Spots

Listen to "Black Hairy Tongue"
Listen to "Pucker Up"
Listen to "Hey Big Dipper"


The Spit It Out campaign’s overall goal is to prevent youth smokeless tobacco use among the teenage target audience (ages 13-17). Prevention is the key to ending the cycle of tobacco-related health issues.

The Spit It Out campaign challenges teens as they build their self-identities to think about how issues related to smokeless tobacco will fit into their value structure. The campaign sometimes uses humor, and sometimes even shock, but it always strives to force teens to think about the issue and the consequences. Additionally, it helps debunk a commonly held myth among teens that smokeless tobacco is not as harmful as cigarettes.
Smokeless Tobacco Fact Sheet

Other Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Campaigns

Youth tobacco prevention campaign for kids 9-12 yrs. old.

Worth It?
Youth tobacco prevention campaign for kids ages 13-17 yrs. old.

Share Air
The Share Air campaign began in 2005 with the goal of protecting the public from exposure to secondhand smoke. The campaign uses the fundamental premise that everyone has a right to breathe clean air.

Texas Tobacco Law
Senate Bill 55 established the Texas Tobacco Law, which states that it is illegal for anyone under 18 to purchase, possess or use tobacco products. It is also illegal for anyone to sell or give tobacco products to someone who is under 18.

Yes You Can
A tobacco cessation campaign that helps users from 25-40 yrs. old to quit smoking.

The Truth

Smokeless Tobacco Cessation for young users

Other Tobacco Prevention & Cessation Resources & DSHS Partners

Texas FFA

Texas Department of State Health Services Tobacco Prevention & Control

Center for Safe Communities and Schools

Texas Statewide Tobacco Education & Prevention (Texas STEP)

Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

American Cancer Society

American Lung Association

American Heart Association

Prevention Resource Centers